Provac is Looking for these pumps: Edwards IH35SE 1 Edwards iH1800 HTX 1 Edwards iH1000 1 Kashiyama MU303 1 Edwards iL600 1 Edwards iH1000 1 Edwards iH80 1 Edwards iH160 1 Busch DL80 1 Edwards GV250 1 Edwards EH1200 1 Busch WY500 1 Edwards GVSP30 Please, contact us if you have it for sale!


Edwards: EH2600, GV400, GV250/EH1200 combo

Busch: WY 250, WY 500, WY 1250 DL 80, DS 80, DS 80D, DS 160 BB 100, BC 100, DD 605 AGD4- AGD15

Alcatel 2033 (A, CP+, C2)

Leybold D8B, WAU-501, WAU-1001

Varian DS-102, DS-202, DS-302, DS-402, DS-602, HS 602, HS 652

Turbo Pumps:

Alcatel ATH 1300 M Turbo

Edwards EXC 120 and EXC 300 Controllers

Pfeiffer TCP-380 Controller, Turbo Components:TCF-012, TCF-103, TCS-130, TCS-140 Pfeiffer TPH-2200 Pump complete or good rotor

Varian V-801 Turbo, V-551 (non SEM), Turbo Controllers

Leybold Mag 2000 CT, 2010CT, TW-701, NT-10

TURBO PUMP PRICE: Alcatel, Edwards, Varian, Seiko Seiki, Leybold

Vacuum Pumps for sale.We Buy used Vacuum Pumps, surplus Vacuum Pumps.Dry Scroll Pumps,Refurbished Scroll Pumps,Anest Iwata, BOC Edwards dry scroll pumps,Varian dry pumps: Anest Iwata ISP Series dry scroll pumps

Turbo pumps we repair and service:

Alcatel: 5080, 5100, 5150, 5400, 5900 ATP series:ATP 80,ATP 100,ATP 150,ATP 400,ATP 900 MDP series:MDP 5010,MDP 5011,MDP 5030

Balzers/Pfeiffer: TPH/U:TPH/U 040,TPH/U 050,TPH/U 060,TPH/U 062,TPH/U 100,TPH/U 110,TPH/U 170,TPH/U 180H,TPH/U 190,TPH/U 200,TPH/U 240,TPH/U 260,TPH/U 270,TPH/U 330,TPH/U 510,TPH/U 2200 TMU/H:TPH/U 064,TPH/U 065,TPH/U 071,TPH/U 261,TPH/U 521

Edwards: EXT70, EXT 250, EXT 351, EXT 501, EXT 501E

Leybold: Turbovac/TMP 50, TMP 150,TMP 151,TMP 360,TMP 361,TMP 450,TMP 1000,TMP 1500

Rigaku: RTPG 150, RTP 300

Agilent / Varian: Elettrorava V80, V80A, V200, V200A, V300, V450, V1000, V1000A, MacroTorr series: V70, V250, V300HT, V550, V551, V700, V1000HT, SCIEX V801, TV902

TURBO PUMP PRICE. Turbo pump repair | Turbomolecular pump repair

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